Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Because as always, Americans don't know shit. And as luck would have it, this does double-duty today 

An email "Editor's Note" from the Guardian.
Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman, was travelling with her family from Iran’s western province of Kurdistan to the capital, Tehran, to visit relatives when she fell foul of Iran’s notorious morality police. Stopped for failing to meet the required standards for wearing the mandatory hijab, her arrest allegedly turned violent with reports of her being beaten in police custody. Days later, she died in a Tehran hospital.

Her death has sparked a wave of fury on the streets of Iran and across social media that the authorities are now struggling to contain. Three people have been killed in street protests, with the Iranian regime continuing to hold the official line that Amini died of pre-existing medical conditions instead of at the hands of the police who detained her.

Her death is the consequence of an increasingly repressive crackdown on women’s rights across the country, after Iran’s hardline president Ebrahim Raisi launched a new hijab decree mandating stricter enforcement of Iran’s laws on women’s dress in public spaces.

For the past month, the Rights and Freedom team has been reporting on the fallout from Raisi’s crackdown, on the spate of arrests, detentions and public humiliation of women who dared to defy the required dress code. The government has also announced it was planning to use facial recognition technology to identify women flouting dress laws on public transport....

2004, under Khatami. 

2008, under Ahmadinejad.  

repeats (because it's been a while)

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