Saturday, September 24, 2022

I remembered this 

Danish government likely to exempt Ukrainians from controversial refugee ‘jewellery law’

A controversial law allowing Danish authorities to confiscate valuable items from refugees is unlikely to be applied to Ukrainians who seek protection in the Nordic country.


So fucking stupid. The best way to undermine Putin's war effort is open the borders and broadcast the news. This is the reverse. 
And the article is wrong. Almut Rochowanski:
Immigration officers DON'T decide at the border whether a claim for asylum has merit. Anyone who asks for asylum at the border must be admitted. Their case is then reviewed in detail, with lawyers etc. Frustrating the media keep getting this wrong.

I also find it annoying and worrying that EU officials act like they can, whenever they wish, for political expediency, decide who gets asylum, for which reasons. This is not in their power. The right to asylum is binding international, EU and national law, with clear criteria.
Lithuanian FM

I wanted to say "at least it's not just racism" but Russians aren't really European. Right?

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