Friday, September 23, 2022

The protests are astonishing in their scope and also the bravery of protestors. Many are women who have removed their scarves to protest the mandatory veiling law

Many veiled women have also joined in, disgusted by the use of Islam and religion as a weapon to punish other women:

One of the most common chants has been:

Zan, Zendegy, Azadi
Woman, Life, Freedom

Pointing to the central place of women in the cause and the demonstrations themselves:

In another iconic slogan, protestors chant: "Down with the oppressor, whether it is a Shah or a Rahbar"

Here they condemn both the pre-1979 Pahlavi royal dictatorship as well as the post-1979 Islamic Republic, refusing the binary of Iranian politics

As in many past waves of protests in Iran, university students are at the center of the uprising

Major protests are breaking out in campuses across the country, despite the presence of repressive forces and potentially severe consequences for students

Across the country, Basiji and anti-riot forces have attacked and arrested protestors, beating people indiscriminately in the streets.

In many places, protestors have responded in turn, attacking and overpowering agents of repression:

After beginning in cities of Iranian Kurdistan, the region Mahsa Amini was from, the protests have spread to Tehran and even smaller regional cities like Rasht:

A heartening sign is the solidarity from many segments of Iranian society, religious and non-religious

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