Sunday, September 04, 2022

update: and it didn't

When we spoke in May, @Camila_Vergara described how, if the new Chilean constitution is adopted, there'll be a stand-off between those trying to ratify its provisions, and those, like Boric, who are content for them to be aspirational. 

Vergara in March, and earlier. 

It won't pass.

I read enough of it to know it tried to do too much. Idealism and romance. But they need to nationalize the fucking lithium deposits.

Vergara's theorizing doesn't interest me. I read her as a reporter. I'm sympathetic to Boric as someone walking a tightrope.

Maybe misplaced. Vergara, Sept. 9th, "Chile's Rejection"
There were no official campaign adverts, nor leaflets sent to people’s homes, nor in-person information sessions; all the outreach was done by political parties, NGOs, or volunteers. It remains unclear why the Boric administration did such a poor job informing the electorate on such a crucial matter. 

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