Sunday, September 25, 2022

Alinejad supports sanctions and yesterday was protesting outside the UN backed by people waving the flag of the monarchy. And marchers in Iran are calling for a return to what the revolution promised. 

obvious repeats: The US, Israel and the Gulf monarchies don't want a democratic Iran; they want a weak Iran. Which is why As'ad AbuKhalil spent days downplaying the protests.
Not only were the contents of the sermon and the method of its delivery wholly in tune with Britain’s historical efforts to buttress the Ottoman Caliphate and then its stillborn attempts to recreate one in Mecca, but it also resonated strongly with the White House’s plans for Saudi Arabia’s Ibn Saud to become ‘the great gookety gook of the Muslim world’ and a counterweight to Gamal Abdel Nasser.

There are more Jews in Iran than in any other country in the ME outside Israel, and I'd rather be a Jew in Iran than a Palestinian in Gaza. Iran is more democratic than any of Israel's regional allies, and I'd rather have a chastened regime than its overthrow. That's how politics works.

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