Sunday, March 06, 2022

Ryan Cooper 

Tracey said that Zelensky is deliberately trying to "bait" the US into starting WWIII. that is a fucking crack-brained interpretation of the evidence. he's a guy trying to save his country and his life, and advocating unwise policies out of desperation
Seems like a distinction without a difference. 
He's clearly trying to get the US to fight Russia. Whether or not you think he has a good reason for doing so isn't very important, especially when we're talking about nukes and the like.
it makes all the difference in the world. one is a guy under terrible stress doing an understandable thing, another is a Machiavellian schemer trying to end all life on earth
Cooper rt's James Surowiecki 
"Goad" is an interesting, and telling, word choice, just like Jeremy Scahill's and Glenn Greenwald's use of "legitimate" to describe Putin's "security concerns" about Ukraine.

Tracey is an ass, but yes, Zelensky is trying to goad the US into starting WWIII. 

Anatol Lieven rt's Edward Luce
Afghanistan is being starved; Yemen is being bombed to shit, but liberals gotta believe. Like Gunitsky, missing the point, which is not the morality or logical justifications of your opponent, but survival. I've spent the day listening to pro-war propaganda on the fucking TV.  Cooper doesn't even know what the fuck he is. I took the fucking quiz, which is all about "research". I chose the least offensive of bad options and got Foucault. 

update: Cooper in his new home, The American Prospect

When the nuclear deal first passed, I argued that its greatest potential benefit was its example—the U.S. dealing fairly with an overwhelmingly Muslim country in a way that cuts against the wretched tit-for-tat politics of the war on terror. I believed then, and believe now, that Iran could easily make a better friend to America than its neighbors in the region.

Stephen Kinzer also in the same publication in 2010:

The Next Power Triangle. Why America's future partners in the Middle East should be Turkey and Iran -- yes, Iran. 
Kinzer wrote a book about it, and he was late the the argument then. In 2015 Cooper linked to Josh Marshall, a bigot who named his first son after a war criminal.

Liberalism shifts; the structure is the same.

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