Sunday, September 25, 2022

If this keeps up, we're going to die.

"I don’t understand this discourse. Should Putin use nuclear weapon, we’ll be dead." 

Western capitals are making contingency plans should Vladimir Putin take steps towards acting on his threats of nuclear attacks against Ukraine and are sending private warnings to the Kremlin about possible consequences, according to western officials.

The Russian president’s nuclear warnings are “a matter that we have to take deadly seriously,” White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan told CBS on Sunday.

“We have communicated directly, privately at very high levels to the Kremlin that any use of nuclear weapons will be met with catastrophic consequences for Russia, that the United States and our allies will respond decisively, and we have been clear and specific about what that will entail,” he said.

This is probably the most delicate phase of this decades-long game of chicken”

Putin's losing, and if he uses tactical nukes it means he’s lost. Al Qaeda was never weaker than the day after the attack. This is all so obvious to anyone who thinks. There's no Hitler comparison. Putin's committing suicide; we shouldn't join him.

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