Thursday, October 28, 2004

Link from Laura Rozen: "Idiocy".

I wanted to quibble with Rozen a few days ago about her link to an op-ed in the Post. The transformation in Iran over the past decade is obvious even if Khatami, or 'progress' has been stalemated for the moment. It's taken for granted by many that Tehran in the 90s was the center of a cinematic renaissance that was in itself the most important development in a decade of film. And Rozen puts forth this piece as if we should be surprised. I can't blame her really, considering how little we pay attention to anything, let alone anything from the ghetto that political intellectuals call culture, from beyond the borders of our geography or language. I have a good sick laugh every time I read a cinematic 'best of' in the political blogosphere.

On a more basic level... (I linked to this before, but I'll do it again)

"Milan or Tehran?"
More here. [dead]

As far as simple politics is concerned, bomb or no bomb, I'm not worried about Iran; I'm worried about Pakistan.

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