Tuesday, March 25, 2003

When we all start to think like this it will be a tragedy.

For the vast majority of the people on the planet 'happiness' is irrelevant. You will ask someone if they are happy and he or she won't even know what you mean. Happiness is individual and therefore the product of a specific sort of social organization.

A group of poor people living together, but removed from outsiders, are much happier than a group of poor people with a rich man in their midst.

Is a rich man happier because he pays someone to wipe the shit stains off the toilet?
It's logical to assume he thinks he is. But am I therefore supposed to approve of his happiness?

The 'bureaucratization of concern' in the social sciences drains the subtlety from everything. It's shocking to anyone who enjoys the world we live in -a world of lived desire that in any event we cannot escape - to see others try to reason their way out of it.
Significance is relative. It took Wittgenstein his entire life to figure that out. And in the end he only came up with a logical argument for Proust, replacing a cookie with an ice cream cone.
(I'll explain later. And besides I could be wrong)

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