Monday, March 24, 2003

I'm tired I'll keep it simple, but no links.
From the Times today: Firemen on 9-11: I know someone who was there. Rolex's half way up the arm of a corpse. [I don't know where I got that line. What the person saw was firemen putting on Brooks Brothers suits and hiding them under their coats. The witness was a cop]
Susan Sontag on "images." She sleeps with Annie Leibovitz forfuckssake. And I'll never forget the description I friend of mine gave of her in Sarajevo clasping a bag of food that she'd brought in, and surrounded by people who hadn't eaten in a week. "But it's all we have." She whined.

Mark Kleiman has a link to some idiot who wanted to be a human shield until he wised up. The kid comes off as an absolute idiot. But what the fuck does that have to do with the logic behind the war? Does Kleiman think we're all illiterate teenagers? Idiot.
The Agonist is useful but he's getting off on all the attention, seemingly without an ounce of irony about his obvious pleasure: "I beat CNN by ten minutes on the two British soldiers [reported missing!] and the two missiles. Maybe they are reading me!."

The fact remains that of all the shitheads following the war in this country, I know not one I would have anything to say to outside of politics. The war becomes something to fill a void in the American life. The purpose is to keep busy. 'Reflection' becomes a job or it has no purpose. It becomes impossible to cast that now quasi-reflective gaze upon oneself.
Every Pakistani cabdriver I've ever met can tell me more about what it feels to be alive than any of these idiots.
My apologies to Sam Heldman- whom I like and respect as a blogger and a person- but the question is not whether or not Scalia has a logic vis-a-vis the text of the constitution. His logic is entirely a priori. The choice to him is for order over chaos. As an anti-democratic Catholic. He defines order narrowly and chaos broadly. His is not a legal philosophy but a moral one, and that is why he feels free to bend the law -or break it- to his own ends. Textual interpretation as such is useless but textual analysis extending outside the law itself it absolutely necessary.

SWM 40. Tall, dark, etc. Any country but this one. Looking. Preferably female and tall. Ass+mind. Shia a plus. Will follow. Get me the fuck out of here.

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