Sunday, March 23, 2003

It's not Failed Diplomacy if your ultimatum is rejected. It's not diplomacy at all.
That should be clear by now, shouldn't it?

I'm tired of pundits referring to the opinions of the leaders of countries as representative when it suits their purposes and to the opinions of citizens when it does not.
And of course this goes on regardless of whether those governments are democracies or dictatorial monarchies.

And What the fuck is Richard Bernstein talking about?
It would be interesting to do a study of precisely when and under what circumstances American interests have actually tried to 'replicate our system of government' and when we have expended all effort to create and retain vassal states and eunuch economies.
I would have more respect for Bernstein if he had said that we have respect for great powers even in defeat and that we leave alone or try to help small powers that offer no obstruction to our goals.

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