Saturday, March 22, 2003

I'm beginning to think that all the anti war activity in this country serves only one purpose: to show the world, specifically the Arab world, that the country is not unified. The rest is up to them as it should be.

American peaceniks are a pain in the ass. They're as self-indulgent as they're accused of being. They remain unaware of their power as Americans and that becomes fodder for their cynical opposition. It's why the working class in this country has contempt for liberals and reformers, who only condescend to care.

How many times can I say this: We have no real left in this country because the workers are the subject of discussion and not the participants. We're bonded together only by desire. Alterman's hard-on for Springsteen only proves the point. His contempt for the unwieldy and profane is obvious, but you need to appreciate vulgarity if you want to understand politics, or even enjoy the complexities of culture.

But the Arab street is speaking for itself. It can do that because its revolution will be a bourgeois revolution, which history teaches us is the only inevitable one. I envy them.
The real fight now is not between Old and New Europe, or America and Islam, it's between old and new capital. Al Jazeera is new. It represents the aspirations of an insurgent middle class. And old Europe is embracing new capital, including Russia, China and Islam. Trying to maintain control by force, we'll lose. Our bourgeoisie is crap. Maybe our flaw is that we don't even have one.

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