Saturday, March 01, 2003

Liberal Oasis on the blueprints for Empire. As they say, it's all out in the open if anyone cares to look. This is the stuff Josh Marshall should be hitting Pollack with. If it is so obviously the case that we are not even trying to stand as a fair arbiter, why should anyone else choose to flock to our defense. Is it not in their own 'logical self interest' to oppose us? The logic seems to be that imperialism equals stability, but would the citizens of this country acccept stability under this rule if it were to be imposed by others?

What liberal pundits and their audience fail to realize is what a good percentage of the right and a few on the left have always known and even been proud of, it's what links Buchanan and Cockburn in the appreciation they both have for this country, that if it were invaded we would produce more suicide bombers per square mile than anywhere else in the western hemisphere.

And I agree with Nathan Newman on Kucinich.

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