Sunday, March 02, 2003

More comments on the New American Century, and on our governmant's Dirty Tricks campaign against members of the Security Council. Both links courtesy of the foreign press (The Observer).

"Go to your computer now, Mr. Blair. Look at the reality behind all this sanctimonious wringing of hands over the plight of the Iraqi people. Read what your American Republican friends are really intending. Please."

The war seems inevitable, and the backlash even more so. I've said it before: this isn't the beginning of the American empire, it's the end of it. The plans are utopian and fascist, but they have no popular appeal. It's an anomaly of this country that an institution with such an agenda would choose to publicise itself, but that's why the plan won't work. For every cynical and corrupt Donny Rumsfeld there are ten earnest Bill Kristols. In any other time or place it would be the other way around, but here even fascists want to be loved.
None of this mean I'm not terrified.

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