Thursday, March 20, 2003

"The 'direct action' visions circulating out there now are not about building the largest possible coalition of opposition to the Bush Administration, not about building a political consensus, not about laying the groundwork for 2004. If you really care about opposing the war, you need to put your own selfish needs to proclaim your virtuousness aside and keep your eyes on the prize. Large public gatherings that are respectful, quiet and rhetorically modest would be a good thing, sure, but for the moment, little more than that."
Timothy Burke, quoted at

If some people are willing to risk their asses, then let them. Is it practical? I can't say; it depends on how many people are involved. But for someone to moralize about the self indulgence of such actions is absurd. It's so wonderfully American to argue that everyone should run to the middle no matter what. For some people, principles are all they have. For others it comes down to green hair and safety pins. Can you always tell one from the other? Not always. But I'm not going to make sweeping and stupid generalizations.

I'm not like Rachel Corrie. All I'm going to do is wait.
Our government has invaded a small and corrupt dictatorship just as they did in Afghanistan and Panama. And they'll win pretty easily. But they won't win so easily in Iran or Korea, and they don't seem to understand why.

Anyone who opposed the war before is now in an awkward position, and I wish someone rather than repeating the idiotic mantra that's now popping up would come out and face the reality of the situation. If the war goes easily it will become more popular, and this will make things difficult. it will not change the situation on the ground, will not eliminate new Al Qaeda recruitment or stabilize Pakistan. It will do nothing but delay the problems that will haunt us down the road. And, as I mentioned above, with a quick success, our arrogant leadership will look at other 'trouble' states to engage. The American populace is uninformed and intellectually lazy.
It's an uncomfortable thought, and we are all aware of it, so I'm sick of all the antiwar pundits proclaiming their SUPPORT FOR THE TROOPS in caps as if to prove to themselves the cleanness of their souls.

I do not support the troops. I support those poor dupes who needed money for college, or who wanted to get out of the small town they were going to be stuck in for the rest of their lives. I support the poor kids with no other choice. But nationalism is stupid. And this is not a fucking football game. I support the living and those who are guilty of no crime.

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