Saturday, August 15, 2020

Intentional low-information rationality

Leiter posts a memorial by Alon Harel. my emphasis.
Ruth Gavison was my teacher and I owe my interest in philosophy to her enthusiastic and energetic teaching style. She also encouraged me to apply for graduate studies abroad and created the contact between me and Professor Joseph Raz who later became my supervisor. So I can praise her (or blame her) for my chosen career path.

Academically she has written breakthrough articles on the issues of privacy and the distinction between the private and the public sphere. She later also published extensively on questions of ethnic diversity, inter-religious conflicts, nationalism and democracy in the Israeli context and her writings have had major influence internationally and locally.

...In 2005 she established Mezila -- an organization devoted to a reconciliation between humanism and Zionism in Israel. These two organizations reflect the inherent tensions in her personality between her commitment to the ideal of Zionism on the one hand and her commitment to liberal rights and humanism on the other. These tensions in her personality gave rise to many bitter controversies between her and many other activists.
Tension is now another word for contradiction. Smoove.

Harel, Phillip and Estelle Mizock Chair in Administrative and Criminal Law at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the author of Why Law Matters.

A student of Raz. Nice to make it explicit that legal realism is always in the service of the political realism of the rulers. Better at least than the perversity of a Zionist defense of Robust Moral Realism.

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