Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Farrell hasn't changed, nearly enough.
The conservative dilemma is straightforward: conservatism is not likely to be a politically popular cause in a democracy. Conservatism is the political movement that represents the interests of those who have against those who have not.
Political science is always behind the curve, but claims to lead.  Scholasticism is "path dependent"

repeats, or start here and work back.
Al-Ghazali, as quoted by Ernest Gellner, puts Mannheim’s point more pithily – "the genuine traditionalist does not know that he is one; he who proclaims himself to be one, no longer is one."
Maria Farrell is married to a career military officer, and prays every day for the health of the Pope. She's a traditionalist.
Corey Robin: "I think people have lots of different interests, and I think an elitist project like conservatism actually offers non-elites certain opportunities for power (though power that is always allied/hitched to subjection), which is one of the reasons non-elites support it."

“ defend power and privilege against movements demanding freedom and equality.”
Nice to see Henry's new post has been pretty much shut down by commenters.

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