Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Hansen-Løve,  Father of My Children. A film about the suicide of a film producer, based on the last days of the man who'd agreed to produce Hansen-Løve's first film.

Louis-Do de Lencquesaing and Alice de Lencquesaing (above). Father and daughter, playing father and daughter. Her mother is Caroline Champetier.

When philosophical language appears in American films, it's either fakery for a mass audience or armored pretense. In most other countries it's just the language of the educated bourgeoisie talking to itself. Her parents are philosophy teachers but Hansen-Løve has a very light touch. Rohmer is one of her favorites and she's a natural heir, with none of the his sense of superiority that makes him so attractive to Neil LaBute. Her characters sit or stand across from her. They may be her creations but they're also an aspect of her.  Her films are about people and the ideas they have, not about ideas and the people who exhibit them.

Alice de Lencquesaing's performance was so fragile it made me nervous.

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