Monday, August 24, 2020

Things to Come (L'Avenir), Mia Hansen-Løve on the right, Kiarostami on the left.  Isabelle Huppert watching Juliette Binoche. I guessed at the reference because I haven't seen Certified Copy.
Americans would have a hard time with the scene but it's played as minor.

At 16 Hansen-Løve played a girl having an affair with a middle aged man.  If you believe them, and I don't, her affair with Assayas began when she was 20. They broke up in 2017. They're both very good filmmakers, but she'll end up better than he is.

10 years ago I spent a long evening with a 24 year old who'd left home at 16 to move in with a 40 year old, breaking up a marriage. 8 years later he cheated on her and she left him. The ex-wife told her: "I knew he'd blow it." The girlfriend had become close to the daughter, and now the three of them had contempt for the man, the son of a famous feminist.

No one above, other than me, is American.

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