Saturday, June 28, 2003

The People of This Generation

I saw an ad for this book in The NY Review a couple of weeks ago and told my mother about it, thinking she might be interested. She ordered it and is going to send it to me when she's done. My father is mentioned a few times, but not as many as I'd hoped. My mother isn't mentioned at all. Many people from my childhood are here however: David Gracie, who died about a year ago; Noam Chomsky's brother David and his wife Judy; Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey, whom I remember as a child remembers adults; Spencer Coxe, who for many years before I knew him, when the staff was larger and included my mother, ran the Philadelphia ACLU pretty much alone; and others I played tennis with on the public courts as a teenager. I remember Tony and Martha's wedding at the Chomsky's. I have fond memories of swimming underwater near and around a beautiful blond wading naked in the Chomsky's swimming pool, at one of the Resistance Movement's fundraising picnics that were held at their house. I was about 6 and very interested, though I didn't quite know why. I guess I spent some of my youth in the suburbs after all.