Tuesday, June 10, 2003

I got in a bit of a debate with someone at the American Constitution Society weblog and although my original point was based on a misunderstanding, I made enough of an impression to be invited back. I said that I would stick to asking questions, if perhaps pointed ones. I've just added them to my links, along with Howard Bashman.

I've had people add me their linklist and ask me to reciprocate, Mac Diva most recently, but I generally refuse, for two reasons. First, and regardless of the fact that this blog can not fit either definition, I am interested mostly in policy or scholarly blogs and even then only in those that I visit often- it's convenient and simplifies my travels to have my links on the page itself. I also don't link to right wingers or libertarians. The second reason is that it is easier to express anger at someone's post if I am not in any sort of reciprocal relationship with them; I am not in a popularity contest. Therefore I don't ask the people I link to to return the favor. In the beginning I emailed people to let them know, while saying they should not feel any obligation. I think at this point, I've just been adding people without mention.

For the hell of it, and by way of defending my interests, I'll add some family history. My mother worked at the Philadelphia ACLU through most of the 70's and 80's, and is the author of books and pamphlets on the rights of women, adolescents and, if I'm remembering correctly, prison inmates. My father was on the state board for years. During the Vietnam war my mother ran a well known legal panel on the rights of the enlisted, while my father became famous somewhat as a draft councellor. All of this and neither of them were in fact lawyers. Constitutional law is just something of a family hobby. Besides, my interest is not so much in law but argument. My biggest mistake continues to be trying to explain to economists[!] the morally problematic -but not illogical or mistaken- nature of modern economic theory.
But Max still links to me so I can't be that rude all the time.

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