Wednesday, June 04, 2003

From the link below:
"Accordingly, Americans care more about personal freedom than government assurances of social justice. Fully 58% of Americans say it is more important to have the freedom to pursue personal goals without government interference, while just 34% say it is more important for government to guarantee that no one is in need. In most other nations, majorities embrace the opposite view. And while most Americans support a social safety net, they are less strongly committed than other peoples to their government taking care of citizens who cannot take care of themselves."

This is a problem for the Democrats that has nothing to do with simple politics. Only time can change these opinions, and continual documentation and publication of the hypocrisies of government funding and subsidies (in New York State for example.) People in the US take pleasure in the illusion of their own independence. On religion and sexuality we're equally backwards (or almost.) Brazil, as usual, seems like party central. I'll link to the report again.

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