Thursday, June 02, 2022

Leiter links to Solveig Gold again—see previously—ignoring that the exchange he links to continues from a defense not of the classics as such, but "Western Civilization", and that she's defending Trump from accusations of racism in his use of obviously coded speech. This time she reminds me of Lipstadt

Leiter knows the context. He's not lying; he's behaving like a lawyer, an advocate, not a seeker of truth. What would John Tasioulas say?

In the same post he links again to Adolf Reed, from 2013

Race is a taxonomy of ascriptive difference, that is, an ideology that constructs populations as groups and sorts them into hierarchies of capacity, civic worth, and desert based on “natural” or essential characteristics attributed to them. 

Shelby Steele, "The Inauthenticity Behind Black Lives Matter"  2020

Insisting on the prevalence of ‘systemic racism’ is a way of defending a victim-focused racial identity.

Reed in 1997 

Beware the proliferation of a peculiar political species-the black conservative crusader against "race-based" policies.

"The Descent of Black Conservatism", The Progressive, Oct 1997

Times change

I listened to Reed on a podcast and at some point he paused: "Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa."  He was talking to himself. The interviewer said nothing. 

Like Geuss: raised a Catholic and opposed to politics, believing only in "truth".

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