Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Third time repeat. I'm going to start using it as a tagline.
Black Lives Matter sentiment is essentially a militant expression of racial liberalism....Black Lives Matter is a cry for full recognition within the established terms of liberal democratic capitalism.
Neiman Reports: Buppies read the NYT.
Dear Journalism: Audiences of national media have too long been presumed to be white. A New York Times editor argues it’s time to change that. 
Adolph Reed: Ditto
In fact, if you look at how white and black wealth are distributed in the U.S., you see right away that the very idea of racial wealth is an empty one. The top 10 percent of white people have 75 percent of white wealth; the top 20 percent have virtually all of it. And the same is true for black wealth. The top 10 percent of black households hold 75 percent of black wealth. 
That means, as Matt Bruenig of the People’s Policy Project recently noted, “the overall racial wealth disparity is driven almost entirely by the disparity between the wealthiest 10 percent of white people and the wealthiest 10 percent of black people.” While Bruenig is clear that a discernible wealth gap exists across class levels, he explored the impact of eliminating the gap between the bottom 90 percent of each group and found that after doing so 77.5 percent of the overall gap would remain.
The man in the pic in the Nieman piece is probably African. Who know where it was taken.
Nigerians are among the most successful immigrants in the US. Immigrants are more successful than native-born Americans, and think Americans are lazy. A Mexican foreman, my boss at the time, put it simply: "Americans can't compete."

Reed can't help but moralize; he still has fantasies of leading change. And he publishes on a webpage named for a word coined by Robert Smithson that has Michael Fried on the editorial board. Smithson would be amused. I'm not.

Smithson, ripping Fried a new asshole, or congratulating him on his mannerist theatrics. Two reactionaries, one more honest than the other.
I added the Smithson tag in late 2022

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