Thursday, June 16, 2022

In re: and other things. And also this. [Joe Orton and Foucault, Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Malcolm Forbes] And the dust-up about drag queen story time.
I've always thought drag queens were useless creatures who need something to ground them in the world. Child care would be a good start: get them off the street, teach them responsibility, etc. Better a drag queen than a priest, or "theorist". Most survivors don't want others to go through the hell they lived through. They respect the innocence of childhood. 

Liberals Disnefy anything they feel the need to defend. They have no respect for tragedy. Failure must now be success. And this leads to something darker than tragedy.

At some point in the mid 70s, when I was in my early teens, the Philadelphia ACLU moved their office. I asked my mother where to. "Down by the chicken run." "What?" "Where they go for boys!"  A few years later I remember my parents fuming about a man who'd been arrested as a pedophile. They were disgusted. He was HIV positive, and he'd been sentenced to live out what was left of his life in solitary. He was harmless. All he did was suck off boys who were already working on the street. They boys took pity on him, and so did my parents.  But the state had none.

Sophie Lewis is a fascist. The pathetic little man should never have been left to die alone. 

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