Saturday, June 18, 2022

The below reminded me that the distinction between cognitive and noncognitive makes no sense.

The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) on "noncognitive skills"
Autism is described as a cognitive "deficiency" or a cognitive "style". Do Aspies have a cognitive deficit in noncognitive abilities? 

Since even intelligent people are arguing about this again.
Follow the links. You'll get there.  Or just go directly. I wrote Searle in the late 90s. It seemed obvious to me then. Back in the day, Leiter told me Searle didn't respond to him either.
"Build a machine with two separate and competing algorithms, for conditioned response and calculation, and a root level imperative for continued operation: survival. The result will be a neurotic machine, "haunted" by past actions."

Jäger retweets and seconds the executive opinion editor of the FT: "Sentience is not sapience"

And earlier
If sentience were separable from sapience, humans would behave like machines. But machines don't think. They don't doubt. Jäger quotes Adorno
“What I mean by reified consciousness, I can illustrate — without elaborate philosophical contemplation — most simply with an American experience. Among the frequently changing colleagues which the Princeton Project provided me with, was a young lady. After a few days, she had gained confidence in me, and asked most kindly: “Dr Adorno, would you mind a personal question? I said, “It depends on the question, but just go ahead and she went on: “Please tell me: are you an extrovert or an introvert? It was as if she, as a living being, already thought according to the model of multi-choice questions in
questionnaires. ”
"People say that Andy said he was a machine. But he didn't. He said he wanted to be a machine and that's not the same thing at all."

"The fantasy of objectivity is the fantasy of the universal through the elision of the particular, beginning with the elision of the particular self." I'm tired of quoting myself but no one else says it. It's all so obvious. These people are all children.

Thinking and doubting may be epiphenomenal, but they exist as events.

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