Saturday, June 18, 2022

Not coming to your elementary school anytime soon

IN OCTOBER 2018, signs began to appear in the dressing rooms of California strip clubs owned by the company Déjà Vu. They told dancers that “the club is now FORCED to make all entertainers become EMPLOYEES” in response to “lawsuits filed by certain entertainers and their attorneys.” At clubs owned by Spearmint Rhino, signs attributed the same change to a California Supreme Court decision. Regardless of the reason, dancers were given the unwelcome news that instead of taking home cash from private dance sales every night, the club would be collecting that money and issuing them a paycheck—after deducting the club’s cut and payroll withholding.

Drag queens are rated G and trannies are kosher, but abortion is not. Lesbians are racist, and Israelis are Palestinians. What a world. I blame John Rawls.

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