Friday, May 01, 2020

More of the same. Slobodian and Piketty again, and Jäger.
"Leftists have hitherto only tried to change the world in various ways; the point is to interpret it." etc.


I'd included a pic only of Jäger's tweet and Slobodian's reply but without the context an idiot might read the reply as criticism. The image is from a Twilight knockoff. Theater trumps philosophy, being at least the depiction of an act.
Nehru was a Brahmin. They'd never think of that, even as a joke. Postcolonial leadership in India as elsewhere came from the native elite. Every leader was both "subaltern" and "Brahmin".

You can't be working-class college professor. And "working-class intellectual" is contradictory because intellectuals would rather think than work, which is why they look to the drunken poets of the criminal class, the lumpenproletariat, who would never identify as "liberals". Back to Arendt and Brecht, Baudelaire and Liebling.
"Why did you choose the Corps Franc?"
"Because I understood," he said. 
And that's precisely what these idiots don't get. The decadent millenarianism of churchmen and academics has never been the anger of the working class. And if it's now part of the anger of the falling bourgeoisie in the west, it's not the anger of the aspirational bourgeois of immigrants, in the US and Europe, or the non-white bourgeoisie in the rest of the world. It's not the anger of the new black bourgeoisie. It's white narcissism, repeating a history of failure.

One more to return to the previous post. You can't understand the tweet reproduced below if you don't recognize that fascism is utopian.
William Gibson began with William Burroughs, not Orwell.
China Miéville and “Coffee table architectural favela porn.”

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