Sunday, April 11, 2021


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Gentrification is the displacement of the urban working and lower middle class by the educated children of the middle class and up, mostly those who define themselves as liberal. Conservatives with money have no interest in living with the poor; they play a role in gentrification first by way of investment, moving in themselves only after the neighborhoods have been transformed. 

The relation of gentrifying liberals to working class conservatives and liberals both is a mixture of condescension, towards liberal non-whites, and contempt towards conservative whites. There's no attempt to join in existing communities. The parallel would be children of the master of the house moving below stairs and living with the help. The help no longer have a place where they be free of their masters, to relax and let go. They have no space to themselves. They're still on duty in some way. The same holds with the gentrification of black neighborhoods by whites. White liberals complain about black racism in black neighborhoods, as if it were the equivalent of white racism on the upper east side. 

If you want to understand gentrification in economic terms read Dean Baker on deindustrialization as policy. It's that that spawned our free floating class of symbolic analysts and soi-disant public intellectuals: idea managers and money managers. Your analytic tone reads best as a distancing strategy. The analysis itself is minimal.

Cooper refers to "my home city of Philadelphia".... 

He's from Colorado Utah; he's been living in Philadelphia for a year, a single white male who bought a house in a place he's never lived. He calls for higher population density but his action is decreasing it. He's a lone eagle, a gentrifier, and an apartment wasn't big enough. Freedom is his model because he doesn't even know what community is. 

Visions of Hell

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