Friday, April 23, 2021

I might submit a paper to the Journal of Controversial Ideas on the subject of controversial ideas. The editorial board is a hoot. I know two names right off the bat who've called for censorship. I'm sure there're more. 

From Leiter, of course. Haidt is on the board. Leiter's not even paying attention

Jonah Gelbach on Haidt and Amy Wax. I've linked to it before. 
The issue isn't Haidt's racism. The record's clear enough.  
As I've said before, he'd have a hard time getting a job as a newly minted PhD.  Times change. 
The issue now is if he should be removed from teaching required courses. Any black student who wants to protest a grade has a prima facie case for discrimination. I'd sue over a B+. 

This time I'll go belt and suspenders.
A Federal judge has ruled that City College of New York may not punish a professor for writing that "on average, blacks are significantly less intelligent than whites."

The professor, Dr. Michael Levin, who is tenured in the philosophy department, had sued the college president and dean, charging violations of his civil and constitutional rights.

According to the ruling, college officials abrogated Dr. Levin's rights to free speech and due process when they formed a committee last year to investigate Dr. Levin, failed to discipline protesters who broke school rules by disrupting his classes and departed from tradition by establishing separate sections of his courses for students who might have been offended by his views, which he never expressed in class.

More from Amy Wax in 2022 

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