Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Modal mixture common tone enharmonic double chromatic mediant modulation

I'm not interested in Celine Dion, and I don't follow youtube "creators". I found it by accident. It's had a million views in 11 days, and I'll take sophistication where I find it. I don't assume it exists where it's supposed to. This is a document of something living; catch what isn't meant as a reference, to T.S. Eliot and Diderot, but is right, as they were. Whether Dion pulls it off is another thing. I think she's unbearable; every note is fake. But she's a great technician.

I'm going to add another. His manner annoys me a little but it's very sophisticated discussion of music, technically and rhetorically, and art in general, for a popular audience. He's also funny,  and so is his editor. 

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