Saturday, November 07, 2020

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The leftism of the educated bourgeoisie.  

when a dem loses it's because voters fear leftism.
when a dem wins it's because that dem rejected leftism.
when a dem wins but not by a ton it's because voters fear leftism but only by so much.

The working class is not "intersectional". They're on their own. 
"Tom Scocca was the “Off the Record” columnist and media editor for The New York Observer before decamping for Beijing. Before that, he was an editor and writer for Washington City Paper and Baltimore’s City Paper. A Baltimore native, he is settling in New York with his wife and son (a Beijing native). He writes the “Scocca” blog for Slate, and his byline appears regularly in the Boston Globe and The Awl."
repeats: "It's not only how much money you make, it's how you make your money." 

Arnade's greatest theme is his own self-pity.  He's rich; his photographs are poverty porn, and his book is blurbed by fascists. And electricians make more than adjuncts. Last year I spent an hour at my coffee shop chatting with an Ecuadorian electrician who'd just come back from 2 months in Italy, with his wife and 2 kids. In Venice he called a cousin in Naples. Then they went to Naples. He works his ass off and then takes a break. I remember when a Thai waiter I knew bought his first Mercedes, used, but clean. 

Cops are working class. Impoverished theologians are not. Every job I've ever had has been blue collar and I'm still not working class.

Liberals who backed the Clintons 15 years ago now call themselves socialists. They ignore their own history of mocking the proles.

In a hardware store a few blocks from my apartment, listening to a plumber curse to the man behind the counter about working on new apartments he can't afford, in the neighborhood he grew up in. The man behind the counter is a character with a history. Hipsters would worship him he wanted them to.

The best thing about the "The Squad" is their connection to community, too Burkean for Corey Robin.  

Of course it's all a mix of moralizing narcissists and the unpretentious, idealistic individualists singing "solidarity forever", and people who have ties to more than ideas. But as I've said a dozen times, Occupy Wall St is remembered and the Wisconsin protests are forgotten. The successes in this election have more to do with family restaurants than the people happy to burn them.

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