Saturday, May 10, 2003

So we have a thinly based economy that produces isolated communities of well educated and well fed and therefore liberal city dwellers involved in various aspects of paper pushing and "symbolic analysis" (or in the businesses that sate their appetites for new experience); and in the economically depressed rural areas we have a population that makes its living doing the drudge work the urban sophisticates won't touch, and which is scared of losing what little independence it has left. The group is uneducated and its membership often looks for simple answers. Nonetheless, can't someone come up with a better response to this situation than to celebrate the condescension of those who can pay four dollars for a cup of fucking coffee towards those who can't ? And what does it say that I have to remind you assholes once again about the urban lower middle class, who are just as backwards as their rural brethren. Oh we don't condescend to them, unless they're white. We may hate cops, but we love negroes. They're earthy but, oh I don't know, they're just different I guess. They're not like the mooks in Bay Ridge. My son loves hip-hop.

I'd like to thank personally every fucking liberal white ass college boy who has ever used his parents' money to move into Brooklyn. Little old ladies are getting thrown out of their homes but why should I care? The bitches all vote republican. Don't you just love the fucking Catholic Church? It's a peasant making machine.

An isolated, alienated and self absorbed 'intelligentsia' is no healthier for democracy than an angry, uneducated, and inarticulate base. For fascism to work, you need both.

It's important to remember that the whole point of the working class is that they have no freedom. They are raised to have unfulfilling jobs and unfulfilling lives. Someone has to take out the fucking garbage. Self fulfillment is a luxury. Most people have no time. Or if they do it means abandoning everything they know: family, friends, neighbors. Can you understand what it means to a 50 year old man who had his dreams, if he had any, crushed years ago, to witness the invasion of his neighborhood by a bunch of ill mannered disrespectful -but free thinking and liberal- teenagers who waltz around like they own the fucking world? Do you think the locals in any midwestern college town feel any differently? They don't. What hope do any of these assholes, in the city or the sticks, have?. None. And how odd does it seem to these people when the kids start handing out Nader buttons? Oh, the ironies of gentrification.

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