Tuesday, May 20, 2003

The occupation is becoming a Fiasco.
We just have to wait to see how long it will take for this awareness to trickle down, or drip -if it ever does- into the minds of the M'rcan People. What I'm still impressed by, after a fashion, is Rumsfeld's insipid arrogance: it seems designed to self destruct. I'm just worried that it won't happen fast enough.
It's all too similar to Israel, which we seem destined to emulate. Sharon is like a horse swatting at flies until he goes mad. Rumsfeld is just a little behind the curve, but not much.

"Troops 'vandalise' ancient city of Ur"
It's not only the theft and defacement that are offensive, nor the insult of building an airport right next to such a site: what about damage from the construction and the air traffic itself? It's disgusting.

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