Thursday, May 22, 2003

Given the incompetence they have displayed in Afghanistan and Iraq and the absurdity of their economic policies, given the failure that is the department of Homeland security, the recent events in Texas and the questions about the behavior of Tom DeLay, this administration should be in terrible shape. It isn't, but there's still time to hope they will be soon.

The Horse is still sucking Bill Clinton's cock, which is a shame, considering his legacy. It should not be necessary to defend him to attack the Republicans or the press coverage of his antics. Blumenthal is an ass, and Marc Rich should be in jail. Am I not allowed to think these things in good conscience?

In the Times today Richard Eder reminds me why I have contempt for Israeli doves. I find it disgusting when people try to claim, with looks on their faces similar to that which I see on the face of David Grossman in his PR headshot- looks of earnestness and pity- that the the people who drove women and children from their homes had some sort of moral right to the land that they stole. This is the ideology of Zionism, and it is only less than truly vile, is made only slightly forgivable, by acknowledging the memories that drove it towards its victory.

" Mr. Grossman is a profound believer in Israel as the Jewish homeland. (He argues, for instance, that any unqualified right of return for Palestinian refugees would be fatal.)"

It was an unqualified right of return that has proven fatal already to others. How such a shallow condescension can survive such an obvious parallel is beyond my comprehension.

The Jewish state exists. In it's conception it is racist and reactionary, but there you have it, it's a fact. Generations have been born that have known only that state as home, and have a moral claim to do so. But this does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that their grandparents had any right to conquest, any more than the American descendants of the puritans can lay claim to Liverpool or Brixton.
I'm tired of repeating myself, but I still get enough new readers, thanks to google at least, that I suppose it's still worthwhile.

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