Sunday, May 11, 2003

Before I quit this rant (for now) I need to add a little more- from this morning. Four white kids from the midwest. In their late 20's; dressed in various incarnations of suburban 1970's preadolescence; dressed like fucking 12 year olds; fat-faced and neotenous; talking a little too loudly, from inexperience, about almost everything. I'm sitting between a young man and woman whom I think are Guyanese, and an old neighnorhood couple. We are all embarrassed. What can you say to or about people who seem to have no sense of social obligation? That they're being rude; and that, by their isolation, having been rendered without history, they are incredibly unsophisticated. Aside from their ineffectual desire to be liked, albeit entirely on their own terms -whether in Brooklyn or in Rome- there is no difference between them and our president.

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