Saturday, May 31, 2003

I called it the lede but after walking back up to the newstand for a look -I left my copy at the donut shop hours ago- I realized it had only become so in my imagination. My other comments about Powell himself are the same.

From the Times this morning: "Powell Defends Information He Used to Justify Iraq War." Have the Times editors read The Guardian?
"Secret transcript revealed: Jack Straw and his US counterpart Colin Powell had deep concerns about the quality of intelligence on Iraq's weapons programme."

How much longer will he be able to stand the humiliation? Powell is lying to himself if he thinks that he can do more good by staying. It's clear at this point he's suffering from Potomac Fever by Proxy: he wants to be near the power. He needs it for his self respect. He's a good servant; he doesn't want to be president, only nearby. He's the chorus in his own greek tragedy.