Thursday, May 29, 2003

Atrios pointed it out but Josh Marshall has been pretty good on Blumenthal and "The Clinton Wars". It's amazing how far we've come when members of the mainstream press can express dismay and even anger, and still be ignored by the majority of their compatriots. I keep thinking Watergate must have moved faster, but Vietnam was 10 years on and Nixon won by a landslide; I shouldn't be amazed at all.
There's no conspiracy in the press. Reporters who behaved like idiots a few years ago are now waiting for the storm to blow over rather than admit their mistakes. The corruption is so petty.

"WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court gave the Bush administration a major legal victory in the war on terrorism Tuesday, rejecting a challenge to secret deportation hearings for hundreds of foreigners."

"The [British] Government admitted during the war on Iraq that the use of cluster bombs against civilian targets would 'not be legal.' " But they were used anyway.

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