Tuesday, April 01, 2003

These days it would be 'radical' for someone to propose a high end income tax of 70% even though we used to have one at that rate, so the arguments about who or what should be called 'liberal' are absurd. I'm not a radical I am a left socialist, which means I'm as likely to argue for revolution, whatever that god damn word means, as a European cabdriver. If any position far outside the mainstream is radical, regardless of what that mainstream represents, then the definition of a liberal is someone who does not want to cause to trouble, ever. That's all I can think.
Masses of people from every corner of the globe are furious about what our government has done but there are people in this country, who say they are against this war, who need to waste their time differentiating themselves from anyone else who lives here who might be angry, not worried but actually angry, about what has occurred.

This country is a joke: a rich, spoiled, joke.

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