Saturday, April 26, 2003

More on free Speech and the slippery slop of democracy: Hear the One About the Mayor Who Wanted to Ban Lying?.
"Anybody that wants to lie can just come up on the hill and cut loose," promised Charlie Brewer, 62, who owns a junkyard just outside the city limits and is known at A.J.'s as the biggest fibber for miles. "Once in a while, I do tell the truth. They kind of snicker at me." We'll I guess he's in trouble now.
And there's more to it than that. The city hall doubles as a church!
For the purpose of the free exchange of ideas and information, it's better for the government to stay out of the way. Using a specific and limited definition of 'corporate' speech recognizes the existence of a clear boundary. Looked at close up does it seems slightly arbitrary but all borders look a little absurd close up. The Mexican border looks a lot different from DC than it does from El Paso or Ciudad Juarez.

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