Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Beyond a certain point a questioning intelligence can lead to a philosophical quietism that is politically passive and useless. I'm not pretending otherwise.

I'm getting busy and have to spend more time in the studio. People are asking where the new work is and I haven't been making a lot. But I have 2(?) shows coming up and visitors on the way so...

I may revert to the shorthand I use for my notes. I may be hard to follow. And I'll bop back and forth from art to politics more than I have. I've read two reviews of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" so I suppose I could comment on the fact that it takes a foreigner to explain the value of the humanities to the political junkies of this country. The reviews themselves were condescending, not to her but to her country. You wouldn't know that Iran is one of the most important film centers in the world and that critics agree many of the best films of the past ten years were made there. Look up Kiarostami, or The Apple a film made by an 18 year old girl named Samira Makhmalbaf .

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