Thursday, April 03, 2003

"Kerry would not back down." Finally.

" 'I don't need any lessons in patriotism or in caring for America,' Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, told Democrats at a meet the candidates dinner in Atlanta. 'We're fighting for the rights of Americans. ... I speak out for America, not for politics.'

Also appearing at the Atlanta dinner was Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor who has been among the most outspoken anti-war candidates. He praised Kerry's service to his country.

Hastert, Frist and DeLay did not serve in the military."

(I'm very busy, so I'm keeping my editorializing to a minimum)

"The US-led force received a boost yesterday when the leading Shia Muslim cleric in Iraq called on Iraqis not to resist the Americans and British." Link.
This is good to hear, and the US response has apparently been respectful. But it won't mean that much if this is what comes next.

The invasion will be over soon, and the next phase will begin. So far Bush has blown every opportunity he's had to have the world on his side. He will have another chance soon. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that he and his handlers have grown up- just a little- over the past months, but I doubt it.

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