Saturday, February 04, 2023

Daily Mail Jan 28
Embattled First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been plunged into another transgender prison row.

The SNP leader is facing calls to stop a transgender pervert who stalked a 13-year-old girl while identifying as a man being transferred to a women's prison after the Isla Bryson debacle.    

Tiffany Scott, who followed the girl while known as Andrew Burns, has reportedly requested to be moved to a women's prison. The Daily Record reported this request has been rubber-stamped after previously being refused.

Earlier this week, Isla Bryson was initially taken to Cornton Vale after being convicted of two rapes which took place while the criminal was known as Adam Graham. Bryson was later transferred to a prison on the male estate, understood to be HMP Edinburgh, after Ms Sturgeon was forced into a humiliating U-turn following public fury.

It is understood that no transfer is imminent in Scott's case.

BBC Jan 28
The Scottish government has been urged to block the transfer of a violent transgender prisoner from a men's prison to a women's jail. 
It is understood that Tiffany Scott, who was previously known as a man called Andrew Burns, has applied for the move. 
The Daily Record first reported that the transfer has been approved and is likely to happen later this year. 
The Scottish Conservatives have called for the move to be stopped.
A spokesperson for the Scottish government said it was an operational matter for the Scottish Prison Service.

The Mirror  Feb 4

Furious female prison officers were ordered to strip search a dangerous trans convict.

Full body searches of transgender prisoner Tiffany Scott were carried out by the female officers after Scott’s gender was changed from “male” to “female” on a prison's record system.

It emerged Scott had stalked a 13-year-old girl before transitioning and while known as Andrew Burns.

The prisoner then asked for as transfer to a women’s prison. 
The Daily Record reports an insider at the jail said: “nothing else about Scott has changed physically,” and women officers who refused to do the searches have to submit their reasons in writing.

related: If most transwomen identify as lesbians, and they only want to have sex with lesbians, why don't they just have sex with each other? It's not a new question. 

repeats: A woman with a penis and a man with a plastic "packer" in his pants.

The TSA workers “freaked out” and wanted to call for male scanners, but Petosky freaked out at the thought of male screeners.  [The same scenario, reversed, from six months earlier]

It's the same narcissism that Leiter decries as the new infantilism. Unfortunately it's also the same infantilism he represents: a fragmentation into micro-cultures with borders so strictly maintained that the borders themselves become the reason for the cultures' existence, and the life within them becomes hollowed out: Israel.

Subjectivism as law.

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