Friday, February 17, 2023

He really is dim. It's not like the US didn't threaten to "bring an end to it". 
"It's like arguing with Zionists."

A Stanford endocrinologist advocating for the castration of 10 year olds. 

Cooper's spent the last few days focusing on the fantasies of a subset of a subset, while downplaying the disaster in Ohio. Contempt for the trash is the corollary of the intellectual liberal imperative—Moyn and Balkin—for civility among the elite. The intellectuals play footsie with fascists while the middling pundits piss on their followers.
[I misread the @USDOT tweet. That was stupid. It happens] 

Sirota's new rag has been good. Jeet Heer is a putz, but he's smart enough to keep his priorities straight.
"Buttigieg’s Paralysis After the East Palestine Disaster Is a Gift to the Hard Right" 

The Big Short hasn't aged well; moralizing stockbrokers doesn't work in the long run. Someone needs to make a feature length mashup of The Big Short and Margin Call. That would be an interesting project.

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