Saturday, March 26, 2016

As I’m sitting there, already clearly embarrassed, I leaned over to the screener and explained to her what I think the anomaly is,” which she could clearly see was in her groin area. Despite the explanation, the supervisor still had to address the situation. Richards was escorted to a closed-off room, and two female officers explained that she had to endure a full body search. When she was asked if she had any prosthetics or implants, she explained, “I’m transgender. I have a penis.” The officers then “freaked out” and claimed they needed to go get male screeners, but Richards insisted, “No, I am legally female. I do not want to be screened by a man. You can screen me; I’m just telling you what it is. They were just unprepared for the situation.
The TSA workers “freaked out” and wanted to call for male scanners, but Petosky freaked out at the thought of male screeners.  [The same scenario, reversed, from six months earlier]

A hypothetical: A high school football player decides he identifies as a transgender male identified lesbian. He, now she, changes nothing about her dress or behavior, and sues under title IX because there are no urinals in the girls bathroom.

New tag: Transhumanism and Transgender. It overlaps with others, as varieties of narcissism.

The issue isn't gender it's the subjectivism as law.

Poor Little Sisters
The simplest way to understand Zubik v Burwell is that the plaintiffs are arguing they would be traumatized, or triggered, by the act of filling out a form. It's an argument against participation in society because society doesn't give you everything you want, and then the demand that society recognize that fact because you are a member of society.  It's the argument of spoiled children.

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