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October 24, Reuters
Russian military Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov and the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley spoke by phone on Monday and discussed the possibility raised by Moscow that Ukraine might use a "dirty bomb", RIA news agency reported.

The call took place shortly after a similar conversation between Gerasimov and his British counterpart.

The foreign ministers of France, Britain and the United States said earlier they all rejected "Russia's transparently false allegations". Ukraine said the Russian accusation was a sign that Moscow was planning such an attack itself and would blame Kyiv.
October 8 BBC. From Gideon Rachman at the FT, on October 13 (via Leiter.)
They begin to prepare their society. That is very dangerous. They are not ready to do it, to use it. But they begin to communicate . . . 

What do you mean? Prepare society for using a nuclear weapon?

It’s, you know, it’s... They don’t know if they will use or they will not use. I think that is dangerous even to speak about it.

Rachman interviews Alexander Gabuev of Carnagie.  It's all been obvious for awhile, which is why the below is so offensive. And remember Zelensky's chief propagandist who waxed enthusiastic in 2019 over a NATO-Russia war now says Ukrainians aren't afraid of nukes and westerners are pussies.

Jack Detch, FP,  "Russia Wages Winter Information War Against the West  The Kremlin is headhunting useful idiots to undermine European unity before Kyiv can prevail."
Russia is waging renewed influence operations in Europe designed to undermine Western support for Ukraine in an attempt to turn the tide in a war that has shifted decisively in Kyiv’s favor over the past month, top Estonian defense officials told reporters during a visit to Washington this week.

The effort includes a concerted campaign through Russian-language or Russian-backed channels in Europe as well as influencing sympathetic politicians, the officials said. It’s part of a multipronged strategy by the Kremlin to use the crunch of rising energy prices before winter to try and break the unity that has so far enabled a flood of Western military and economic aid to Ukraine.

“[They will] continue these Russian influence operations in Western societies,” Tuuli Duneton, Estonia’s undersecretary for defense policy, told reporters on Tuesday after her boss, Hanno Pevkur, met with U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at the U.S. Defense Department. “They will always try to have different people influencing policymakers, people from society, from the media, from parliament.”

a month ago in the FT: West shrugs off Putin’s nuclear ‘bluff’ and vows to keep up Ukraine support

“This is probably the most delicate phase of this decades-long game of chicken,” said a senior European diplomat....
Click the link and click again, and again. You're going to have to read. 
This is a good short history of the last few years of US policy. And there's always the Ukraine tag.  

The law banning US government propaganda directed at US citizens was repealed in 2013.

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