Tuesday, October 04, 2022


I've said it all before. 

Arguments could be made that the original intent of the reconstruction amendments was "unconstitutional", inconsistent with previous understandings, or that the framers wrote amendments in race neutral terms but then while they could promoted discrimination based on race. A brilliant decision, to set their own policies on auto-destruct, only after they'd begun to do their work.

[I]n 1867 Congress passed a law providing relief for “freedmen or destitute colored people in the District of Columbia,” to be distributed under the auspices of the Freedmen’s Bureau. Of particular importance in the late 1860s was the Bureau’s operation of schools for blacks, to the point that black children in the South were often better educated than their white counterparts.

"to the point that black children in the South were often better educated than their white counterparts." How's that for a brilliant way to sow anger and mistrust among the poor white trash? Divide the poor, and conquer. The policy was blatantly unconstitutional, but it was the only call the white liberal elite were capable of making.

Equality before the law is a simple phrase, but not a simple fact.

[Jackson's] argument stood out from those employed by her liberal peers: Justice Elena Kagan focused on real-world effects, tracking the demise of the VRA and grilling Alabama’s solicitor general about whether his theory could create a map with zero majority-minority districts. Justice Sonia Sotomayor pointed out that while the Black belt, a Black-majority region of the state, has been cracked over and over again into multiple districts, predominantly white counties were repeatedly left intact. 

Follow the bouncing ball...

Black Lives Matter sentiment is essentially a militant expression of racial liberalism....Black Lives Matter is a cry for full recognition within the established terms of liberal democratic capitalism.

The 1619 Project is bad history in the model of the New York Times bad history of Zionism. 

I watched Jackson cry listening to Cory Booker kiss her ass; it was like watching two annoying children.

And after writing the above I go to google and find this at the top.
Booker began his remarks by thanking AIPAC president Mort Fridman for his “leadership and his friendship,” telling the crowd that he and Fridman “talk often” and “text message back and forth like teenagers.” 

Again and again. I'm not complaining: "Whichever book you open, you will find precisely the passage you need." 

Liberals who've criticized judicial review are praising Jackson—they're ecstatic—but the pendulum has moved away from elite decision-making to politics from below. 

The woman on the left in the photograph, from 2011, ran for congress this year

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