Tuesday, July 19, 2022

2. The AFA letter, however, neglects the fact that some of the allegations concern not extramural speech, but speech and actions in the classroom; and some concern concern extramural speech on matters that impact the functioning of the school. In the former category is the fact that Professor Wax invited an infamous (and unabashed) racist, Jared Taylor, to speak in her class and have lunch with her students. It is dubious that the decision to host Mr. Taylor in her classroom can be defended on academic freedom grounds, as a professionally sound choice given academic standards in law teaching. It also has the potential to implicate violation of anti-discrimination norms, to which the law school is bound (although one would need more details to say for sure). In the latter category is Professor Wax's public disparagement of the academic competence of her Black students, which I have addressed before. Disciplinary action for both of these incidents would not violate principles of academic freedom (indeed, Wax has already been disciplined for the latter incident).

Jared Taylor is beyond the pale, but Charles Murray is in bounds.

It would be a good idea if some CRT, CLS, badass invited Murray or Taylor to speak and face a response. They'd decline of course. But law professors aren't really lawyers. If they were they'd get the fucking point.

The solution, protecting both academic freedom and schools from lawsuits is putting some people out to pasture.

A Federal judge has ruled that City College of New York may not punish a professor for writing that "on average, blacks are significantly less intelligent than whites."

The professor, Dr. Michael Levin, who is tenured in the philosophy department, had sued the college president and dean, charging violations of his civil and constitutional rights.

I don't give a shit about "safety".

A smart and sophisticated piece of academic leftish Eurotrash retweeted someone mocking this idiot. She has 7 times the followers he does, and deserves the ridicule, but if he called her a lesbian he'd be thrown off twitter. 

A year ago I sent a note detailing attacks on women to a writer who used to call herself a feminist and now calls herself a man. She'd have none of it.
Snide superiority and passivity go well with each other but not with politics as a vocation. That's a reference and a joke, but it's not one Weber ever got. Or if he did, the "big children in university chairs" do not. Politics is vulgar. A culture of management dumbs down the managers and the managed.

Walking out to pick up dinner on a summer night, I passed conversations in Bangla and Croatian, Spanish and Arabic. The first English was my own voice asking for a Reuben. A couple of years ago the man behind the counter—Turkish and Algerian, with family in Milan—gave me a list of the Jewish delis in Brooklyn that made a good one.  For a few minutes tonight it was like nothing had changed.

In 2005 a Bulgarian/Irish bartender asked me "Do you think the Manhattanites will take over? I hope not. I like the diversity." The same year a European gallery owner in Manhattan told me she'd stopped coming out. "Astoria is over. The Americans are moving in". The fact that the daughters of working class immigrants and old European money could happily share a common space, or that Yugoslav ballers could play in the projects, is not something American liberalism, or American propriety in any form, can comprehend. Astoria was the most organically cosmopolitan neighborhood in NY. The first to leave without being forced were the French. 

"Americans aren't social!" Still the best description.

I have lots of stories. I prefer the impersonal. If you're a hard drinking Muslim man and your parents are worried about your future, marry an Irish Catholic.
A follow-up because I wanted to tell stories.

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