Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Two philosophy professors, with the tics and mannerisms of teenagers, upspeak, dripping false beliefs like sweat. Suburban American performative self-blindness.
"...lay theorists, um yu'know just us ordinary folks." I've known too many of them. And they treat working people like shit.

From Leiter

Another variety here. "Left Anchor" with Ryan Cooper  "Episode 157 - Imperial Rollback with Daniel Bessner".  Bessner, of The Quincy Institute, who now writes for a site run by an expert from a US propaganda shop and Chapo Frat House. 

Listen to the little intro, with the jokes about transferring military funding to antifa, and then look for the Pentagon careerists from the Naval War College. Metz, pals with Exum, the competent fratboy colonialist. The new generation of liberals think they're commies. And since they only talk to friends no one corrects them.

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