Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Graeber being a fool, about 49 mins in.

A mother takes care of a child so that child can grow and thrive of course but on the immediate level what are they doing right now to facilitate that child doing, it's mostly so the child can go and play, and freedom is the ultimate expression of freedom for its own sake... [fading, quickly]  One could argue that it's one of the constitutive principles of the universe, [fading out, vocal fry] but that's another... another argument. [Laughter.]

When met him he read Robert Graves and worshipped the White Goddess. He never stopped being a fantasist. He's one of the reasons I went from having no interest in Dungeons and Dragons to actively hating it.

Having no interest is an understatement. 

repeats It even mentions David. And he has a tag.

So much bullshit. He loved being a celebrity.

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